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Here is a list of some of the topics we can offer your church or organization. Click on a category to the right. Weekend seminars can be tailored to any sort of combination of topics that your church is interested in.

Please note that titles denoted with an asterix (*) are subject to the availability of particular presenters working with cpm-e.

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(L2) I'm Sorry, What did you Say? | learning how to listen in the centre of the noise - We all want to be heard. We look to know someone has not only listened but truly cares about what we have said. One of the most important things we can do is to show those around us that we are listening. These communication skills are often hard to find in the middle of the noise of life around us, and yet vital for tthe health of an organization or ministry. 

(L3) Harbouring Hope | honing the gift of hanging on - Potential not reached. A teenager falls through the cracks. A minister battles family issues. Each one of us face hardship through this journey we call life. Life hits us and some point,  and hardship will cause one of two responses.  We either give up, or we will fight through. It is when we fight through that growth and potential are reached. Building resiliency is paramount to pushing through hardship, and harbouring hope in our lives is vital to resiliency.   

(L1)  Creating Calm in the Centre of Chaos | learning to breath deeply while gasping for air - We are busy. We try to juggle family life, work life, ministry life, and personal life. Sometimes we are successful, sometimes we feel we are not doing a good job of anything. This session looks at work life balance and shares concepts on how to help us stay focused on the big picture and not get lost in the shuffle. 

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